A new breed of quilter & the cutest Miniature Pinscher Puppy EVER

Is it just me or is there a new breed of quilter emerging? Seems to me that more and more of the clients walking in to Sparrow Studioz to rent our longarms are new quilters. Just a short year ago, we spent most of our time convincing veteran quilters that finishing their quilts on a longarm was not only acceptable but fast and effective too.

As I sent an email out to our list this morning, I realized that many of our clients are eager new quilters. They don’t need to be convinced that saving time is a good thing. That seems to be the first lesson they learn when taking our beginner longarm class.

I thought I should share that email with all my blog readers in case you were wondering what I’ve been up to when I’m not quilting.

Here goes Nothing.

No, I’m not talking about the fact that I bought my daughter a puppy & Bradie is going to kill me!

Here’s the scoop. In our last newsletter I announced that our pre-paid (silver & gold) packages come with a (brand new) FREE class.

I made the

Miniature Pinscher Puppy Pic
Miniature Doberman Pinscher Puppy Pic

mistake of limiting it to two classes and have been turning people away left right and center. We have been overwhelmed with sign-ups and although we had originally only scheduled two classes, we are extending this sale and booking several more Freestyle Quilting Classes to accommodate everyone that is interested.

This is the perfect class to learn how to disguise troubled piecing. As many of you know, no quilt is perfect and there are NO quilt police at Sparrow Studioz. We honor the time and love you put into every quilt. We are here to help you effortlessly finish your quilts, without judgement. Did you know that many of our renters finish 3-4 small quilts in a single session. No kidding!

Here is another look at the free class…

FreeStyle Quilting – 3 hours $150 Experience the front of the machine like never before. Let me show you how to choose fast, simple designs that add texture and character to those quilts that require a quick little something to get them on and off the frame in no time at all. Learn how to get in and out of corners without hesitation. Move from one side of the quilt to the other in no time flat! Let me show you the difference between pantograph and freestyle quilting. You will love the amount of control you gain by looking down at your quilt instead of at the pantograph.

Here is a look at the pre-paid packages…

Save BIG with our Prepaid Packages – Reg price is $20/hr
Bronze $250 – Save 10% (Hourly rate is $18) 14 hours of quilting time.
Silver $500 – Save 20% (Hourly rate is $16) 31.25 hours of quilting time.
Gold $1000 – Save 30% (Hourly rate is $14) 71.5 hours of quilting time.
SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT – You can share the Gold Package with a friend!


While I have you here let me make a couple announcements…

Bradie just ordered TWELVE bolts of Hobbs 80/20 Heirloom batting. I said TWO bolts not TWELVE I yelled! To be quite honest, I would prefer to sell you guys batting at $22/M. Bradie on the other hand actually likes saving you guys money. She is pre-selling the first ten bolts for $299/ea. That works out to less than $10/yrd. Call her soon to reserve your bolt.

Bradie also ordered the entire line of GLIDE thread. That’s 180 magnificent colors. AND I get first dibs 😛


Claudia Pfeil’s Quilts now on display as her August classes quickly approach. Have you signed up yet?

Not sure how to quilt your top? The design possibilities are endless. Bring your quilt tops and notebooks to class and let Claudia dissect your quilt block by block giving you tons of ideas and inspiration. You may never look at quilts the same again.
Check out all her funtabulous classes here


Did I tell you about the sale that APQS just announced on their top of the line Millennium & Freedom Quilting Machines?

$3400 Cash Discount on new Millennium & Freedom models which include Motorized Feed and QuiltGlide.
Download our Machine Brochure here

You could be quilting in your Pajamas or less while watching TV! Just sayin…


One thought on “A new breed of quilter & the cutest Miniature Pinscher Puppy EVER”

  1. I have 2 miniature pinchers. I bought one when she was 6 weeks old and the other I rescued from an abusive family. I love both of them and they are spoiled rotten

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