Floating your quilt vs. Pinning your quilt top to the leader

Question of the week…

Hi Matt,

I see you float all of your tops. Can you give me the pros and cons for doing that?

I have never tried but I think I might like it. Thanks

I can guarantee you’ll like it! If I can accomplish the exact same results without taking the time to load the third leader, the answer seems obvious to me. There are no cons to loading the bottom end of the quilt top other that the time it takes to do it. The pros for floating are…

1. You can see the rest of the top the entire time you are working on it. This gives you a chance to think about possible designs and thread colors.

2. You know exactly how much you have left to do before you get to go home to your lovely …wife. Rather than guessing what’s left on the roller.

3. Far less batting fuzzies get on your clothing, because your working up against the quilt top instead of the batting.

‎4. Time is money!


2 thoughts on “Floating your quilt vs. Pinning your quilt top to the leader”

  1. Great question Kathy! I’ll post another video today showing that step. I was watching my video last night and noticed that I didn’t mention what to do at that stage.

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