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6 thoughts on “CONTACT ME”

  1. I am interested in learning how to do custom quilting. I have some experience with pentagrams but want to move beyond that.

  2. Haven’t put fabric to machine in a few years, but would be motivated again by a group of men who could share and generate great work…….thanks, Greg

  3. I was watching your ustream broadcast today and notice the quilt in the back ground. I would love to get a pattern of that quilt. Could you be so kind as to tell me where I can purchase it. I love doing colorwash quilts and this one looks very challenging. Thank you, Randy Chassells

  4. Hey Matt – I was really surprised when my friend asked me the other day if that was my quilt on your blog. Your picture really highlights the detail of your McSparrowing and was wondering if you can forward me a copy. I almost have a new black and white put together so will contact you shortly to book it in as I will be in Edmonton at end of March and would like to drop it off then rather than shipping it.

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