APQS George portable longarm quilting machine

APQS Sit Down Longarm Quilting All Beefed Up!

Just when you thought you’d seen everything APQS has to offer, they go and beef up their game.

Personally, I have always thought of the long arm quilting machine to be of the stand up for variety, where the machine rides on a table. This is not necessarily always the case. There is also the long arm quilting machine that you sit down at to quilt. As I meet with more and more quilters, looking to take their quilting to the next level, I realize there is a huge market for sit down long arm quilting machines. As a sales rep for American Professional Quilting Systems, I am just a little bit excited to see that APQS has made huge improvements on their sit down model, the George.

The complete George portable quilting system down to a very affordable $6400 US.

The New and Improved APQS George

The all-new George features bright view LED lights that illuminate over 200 in.² of your quilts surface for great visibility. They have also added a second model of table that brings the price of the complete George portable quilting system down to a very affordable $6400 US. Now you can own a sitdown long arm quilting machine with all the great features and superior stitch quality that APQS is famous for.

The George is perfect for any quilter tired of struggling to squeeze quilts through a small standard sewing machine. You will love the expansive 20″ throat space. This space-saving machine produces superior stitches and is perfect for art quilts with beautiful, intricate detail. George uses the same sewing components & belt-driven technology as our other machines but in a smaller, more basic package. It is a fast, affordable way to move into professional long-arm machine quilting without sacrificing the APQS quality.

Whether you want to take George to your next quilting retreat or you’re just short on space, this table makes machine quilting even easier. Never worry about scrunching up and wrestling with your quilt sandwich again. George has 20 inches of throat space so you can even conquer king-size quilts with ease. The smooth-surfaced portable table lets the quilt glide easily and has rounded corners so your quilt won’t catch as you’re moving it. With ample room to the left and behind the needle, your quilt won’t bunch up in the throat like other sit-down machines. The table measures 24” x 60” and adjusts in height from 22” to 32” to help you quilt without raising your shoulders uncomfortably like standard tables.

APQS George Sit Down Quilting Machine
APQS George Sit Down Quilting Machine

The table legs fold up completely for storage. A clear view table insert is standard and gives you great visibility when changing the bobbin. George’s Smart Bobbin, Gentle Touch Tensioner, and simple thread path mean you can even use delicate threads or specialty threads on your project. George’s touch-sensitive foot pedal lets you place stitches precisely where you want them, even one stitch at a time! The single stitch needle positioner and motor speed control help you customize your quilting experience to your personal style.

The beefed up model of the APQS George will start shipping in just a couple short weeks. Now is your chance to get on the list  to be the first to receive the George on the movable table. A $500 fully refundable deposit will ensure you are one of the very first quilters  to fall in love with the all-new George.

Call me today at 780-463-4242 to reserve your spot in line.


5 thoughts on “APQS Sit Down Longarm Quilting All Beefed Up!”

  1. Matt, I don’t have the funds/space right now, but this machine is on my wish list. Do you know how heavy it is? Could I lift it on my own? Keeping in mind I’m a weakling. LOL I love the new table.

  2. I am just doing my research into longarm machines, and one of the most appealing aspects is the ability for machines to start stitching as you move your hands, without having to coordinate with the foot pedal. I noticed this machine has a foot pedal, and from my reading it’s unclear to me whether George has stitch regulation. Can you help me to understand how it works? Thanks, in advance!

    1. Great question.

      George Is not stitch regulated. It’s just perfect for free motion quilting. Although very different to what I’m used to behind the ‘standing’ Longarm. I do enjoy sitting down at George several times a week to play. It seems to fulfill a different need I have for moving fabric under the needle instead of the opposite.

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