Floating your quilt top. It’s all about control!

I prefer the full float! I float every single quilt I work on.


CONTROL! That’s why.

I feel I have much more control when my quilt top is not rolled up on the front roller.

I do not like taking a perfectly pressed and flat quilt top and roll it up on top of itself over and over. Seams rolled over seams, rolled over pressed blocks and more seams. YUCK!

Not only do I dislike the time it takes to load the quilt top, I mostly don’t like the way it behaves on the bar. I would much rather have the quilt lay flat under the top roller, making even more contact with the batting which holds it in place, square and true. To accomplish the square and true, I use a couple little tricks.

First, the C clamps.

I use these handy clamps to mark my inner borders and center of quilt with each advance.


Now that my vertical lines are in check, I move on to my horizontal seam lines. Luckily, most quilts have horizontal seams, making it very easy to keep your top square to the frame. After each advance I follow an easy 3 step process which you will learn about very soon in my upcoming videos. To subscribe to these videos go to http://manquilter.com and enter your name and email address.

The final step of this process is running my machine across the quilt to make sure my horizontal lines have not shifted or drawn up unevenly with the previous row of quilting.

it is a very simple process I’m sure you will have no problem following. Videos coming soon, VERY SOON!


2 thoughts on “Floating your quilt top. It’s all about control!”

  1. Great information. I also float my quilt tops but took off the top bar. I am going to replace it and use your marking technique, it is so much easier then my tape measure technique. thanks for sharing.

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