My HQ 16 is for sale – sold!

I bought my HQ-16 in April 2008.

From the minute I got the machine home and set it up, I knew I had made the right decision. I was able to start taking customer quilts after about 6 months of practicing on this mid-arm quilting machine. I am still to this day amazed at the smooth, precise stitching that can be accomplished with very little practice. This is the perfect machine for finishing quilts up to 123 inches wide.

I have unfortunately outgrown this machine and need a larger quilting space to complete customer quilts faster.

Over the past year I have purchased various ad-ons for my HQ16 and I will include them all with the machine. Here is a list of everything that comes with the machine:

  • HQ Sixteen Quilting Machine with Stitch Regulator, Front and Rear Handles, Laser Stylus, External Bobbin Winder and Portable Professional Frame
  • Comes in king size length, but can still collapse to smaller sizes
    1 1/8 inch poles rigid enough to hold large quilts
    Poles come standard with Velcro for leader attachment. No taping or pinning!
    Fixed grooves built into frame for exact track positioning
    Four pole system for smooth, continuous feed. No need to adjust vertical height when quilt fills the throat of the quilting machine.
    Sturdy, heavy duty anodized aluminum frame.
  • Brand New tracks on the table as well as the carriage under the machine where the HQ glides front to back and left to right
  • 12 Bobbins
  • Groovy Boards – Clam Shells, Cross Hatch, Dueling Circles, Dueling Squares, Feathered Wreaths, Squigles, Baptist Fan x 2
  • Stylus, adapter and laser light
  • Micro Handles
  • Ruler Base
  • Rulers, including versa tool, half circles and standard ruler

I payed just under $10,200 for everything I am including in this package.

Buyer responsible for shipping. I am willing to deliver and set it up for any local buyer free of charge. I will also give you a free 2hr lesson on loading a quilt and getting started.
I am asking $8500 for this 16 month old HQ sixteen.

Email me if you are interested or have any questions.

I have sold my HQ-16! Woot Woot!


My journey from a mid-arm to a long-arm quilter has come to a glorious end with the purchase of an APQS Millennium. I have to say that my friend/sales rep Karen McTavish was very influential in my decision to buy a Long-Arm. What can I say, peer pressure got the best of me. Then again when you see the AMAZING quilting Karen does what else can you do but buy the exact same machine that she uses. After all, we all know it’s the machine no the quilter.

Here’s a video of Karen trying her new machine for the first time.

Your favorite quilting book

Matt Sparrow after many requests and with your help, wants to write a review of your favorite quilting book that you own. Tell us why you would recommend it to other quilters! I’ll post your answers to my blog next week!

Matt Sparrow
Matt Sparrow at 12:53pm June 28
Let me start the ball rolling… My favorite quilting book is Sue Patten’s ‘Quilting Possibilities… Freehand Filler Patterns’. I constantly refer to this book for quilting ideas. She addresses all sorts of blocks and shows illustrated design options for each. I love love love this book!
Pamela Joy Spencer Dransfeldt
I think one of the best reference guides I own is
The Quilters Ultimate Visual Guide.. Ellen Pahl Editor

it has a little bit of everything in it…. that’s reference… hmm.. quilt books…. I love so many…Read More

My two newest that I love are Whimsyland, BeCre8ive with Lizzie B by Liz and Beth Hawkins

and Quilts Unfinished Stories with New Endings by
Gyleen X. Fitzgerald… are both great!!

Babette van Hattem
Babette van Hattem at 1:01pm June 28
Also one of my favorites, just like herself, I made several patterns of her, you can see in my quilt album. Further, Harriet Hargrave Machine Quilting everything in it from a to z, the books of Diane Gaudynski to combine and learn more very funny to read. I’m waiting for the books of Karen Mc Tavish. I also think that Pat Sloans book on Machine Quilting gives starting machine quilters so good idea’s to start practicing.
How’s your wholecloth Matt.
Pamela Joy Spencer Dransfeldt
now if your going to talk machine quilting designs for inspiration too… I could go on and on… love Karens, nichole webb.. Just Leaf It by Kim Stotsenberg.. is excellent for leafy feather designs that are perfect in those quilts with florals and leaves…
Jackie Dundon
Jackie Dundon at 1:15pm June 28
I would have to say, for paper piecing, my favorite book is called Show Me How to Paper Piece by Carol Doak. It goes through the pp process step by step and has illustrations. The book includes paper foundations to make a small heart quilt. I have used this book and have recommended it over and over again when I used to teach paper piecing. To me, it is one of the best books for a beginner to learn how to paper piece.
Tammy Murphy
Tammy Murphy at 2:17pm June 28
I have to say the best book I have bought on quilting (not piecing) so far is Harriet Hargraves book.
I learned SOOOO much from that book about quilting.
Tammy Murphy
Tammy Murphy at 2:18pm June 28
sorry, I guess I should tell you what book it was 🙂 LOL
“Heirloom machine quilting”.
Wendy Culbreath
Wendy Culbreath at 3:14pm June 28
I also like Harriet Hargrave and Diane Gaudynski!!! great books, great authors!!
Mary Cowan
Mary Cowan at 4:08pm June 28
Here are 2 that I just love: First, Simply Stars Quilts That Sparkle – by Alex Anderson. Wonderful instructions on how to make a bunch of cool stars (from easy to hard ones), nice quilt patterns, and a beautiful quilt gallery too. Second, Around the Block with Judy Hopkins – 200 rotary cut blocks in 6 different sizes – Need I say more!!
My firstRead More quilt book I every got was Quilts, Quilts, Quilts, by Diana McClun and Laura Nownes. I read every page multiple times, it has some nice, easy quilt pattern and very good directions.
Lorraine Williams
Lorraine Williams at 5:15pm June 28
Without a doubt it would be Judy Martin’s Ultimate Rotary Cutting Reference (’97). It is by far the most dog earred and often referred to book in my entire collection. When designing, or resizing any pattern, the book gives me a huge range of finished & cutting sizes on everything from simple HST units to difficult patterns like kites and Read Moretrapizoids, showing multiple measurement points for each. It also has information on how many of the units I can cut from a 1/2 yd and full selvage strips. Mine is well worn and you will never pry it from my hands!!
Gretchen Ingram
Gretchen Ingram at 5:43pm June 28
My favorite is the Quilter’s Apprentice because it makes me want to sit down and quilt for hours!
Mary Cowan
Mary Cowan at 7:13pm June 28
I also love the childrens book “The Quiltmakers Gift”

9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 days left! It seems li…

9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 days left!

It seems like months ago that I was asked to send a quilt in to display at the ‘Real Men Can Quilt’ exhibit at MQX this year. Now that I think about it, it was months ago! So much has happened between then and now, the time has flown by.

I still remember the day I decided to submit a quilt. I went to the MQX website to learn a little bit more about the show and there under ‘CLASSES’ I saw the name that started the thought process that maybe I should attend. I’m sure you all have heard of this teacher and many of you have had the priveledge of attending one of her classes. Karen McTavish has been breaking the stereotype of the typical quilter for years and I was thrilled that I may have the chance to see her in person.

There are two things that make this teacher extra special in my book. Karen has mastered two skills that I have always wanted to try but never seemed to find the time. The first is appropriately called McTavishing and the second is Whitework quilting on wholecloth. You can learn more about this fabulous teacher at where Karen is the featured Quilting Teacher for the month of April.

With this being said and after countless hours booking classes, flights and hotel, the countdown to MQX begins. I leave on Sunday, April 12 for 6 fun filled days of learning from the best. Here is a list of classes I am fortunate enough to attend.

Wholecloth Design Class Monday, April13,2009 9-4pm Karen McTavish 101

McTavishing Certification Tuesday,April14, 2009 1-3pm Karen McTavish 209

Fun With Threads Tuesday,April14, 2009 4-6pm DeLoa Jones 213

Pricing Strategies for Longarm Quilters Wednesday, April 15, 2009 8-9pm Dawn Cavanaugh 330

SECRETS FOR A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS Wednesday, April 15, 2009 10-12pm Debbi Trevino 338

Teaching the Teacher Wednesday, April 15, 2009 1-3pm Pam Clarke 319

Victorian Feathers Wednesday, April 15, 2009 4-6 Karen McTavish 323 $40.00

Pat Sloan’s OP Challenge

A few weeks ago I became friends with Pat Sloan on FaceBook and have had a blast getting to know her.

This past weekend Pat Sloan had me rummaging through my fabric stash looking for orange scraps that I could use in her virtual retreat. She called it the Orange Pile Challenge and I’m happy to say that I have over extended the retreat right in to this week.

Here are the fabrics I chose to include in the blocks for the challenge.

After completing 10 blocks with the pattern Pat so graciously supplied,

I decided that they were not an accurate representation of the size of my orange stash. So I dug out 8 yards of my two favorite orange balis and cut giant 20″ blocks of one and 12″ sashing strips of the other. I used the OP blocks as corner stones and will add a small 2″ border of mixed fabrics from the blocks( the strips are already chained pieced and hanging from that chair), then a 10″ border of sashing fabric..

As I type this post, my wife is out trying to find more of the sashing fabric for the borders. Hopefully she will find 2M of it and I can finish putting this quilt together tonight. I’ve got an awesome quilting design in mind and am getting a bit antsy to get this top on the frame.

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Sandy Arndt’s Silent Auction Quilt for Daniel

Here’s a look at the quilt I am almost finished!

Facebook | My Photos – Sandy Arndt’s Silent Auction Quilt for Daniel

Silent Auction and Benefit for Daniel

On Christmas night 2008,
Daniel was flown by air ambulance to the Stollery Children’s Hospital
in Edmonton. Just 14 years old, Daniel was diagnosed with Acute
Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). The current treatment protocol for
children with ALL involves chemotherapy and several different drugs or
combinations of drugs delivered over three years. It also involves
ongoing testing and evaluation at the Stollery.

Daniel is the
oldest of three children. His parents are currently going through a
divorce and his mother is the primary custodial parent. She is a
freelance writer.

The family is enduring the enormous stress of
coming to terms with a childhood cancer. The emotional and logistical
burden is heavy, and is compounded by huge financial stress. Because
they have to travel to and from the city and take up residence in
Edmonton during this initial course of treatment, their out-of-pocket
expenses are very high.

Friends and family in the hometown of
Beaverlodge are coming together, preparing a Benefit Dance and Silent
Auction in Daniel’s honour. It is our hope that by easing the financial
stress, we can give this family one less thing to worry about. We hope
it will allow them to focus more clearly on the most important factor
of all – Daniel’s wellness.

This beautiful quilt will be donated
to the Silent Auction by Matt and Bradie Sparrow. Their creative genius
and hours of hard work are very much appreciated by Daniel and his

The Benefit and Silent Auction will take place in
Beaverlodge on Saturday, March 13. For more information or to make a
donation, please call Sandy Arndt at 780-429-5214.

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