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Dawn Cavanaugh Classes at Sparrow Studioz

ANNOUNCING! Our First Guest Teacher for 2013
We are over the moon with excitement about the Teacher that will be honouring us this June with her passion for quilting.

Dawn Cavanaugh Classes – June 18-21, 2013

Pasted GraphicDawn Cavanaugh – APQS’s National Director of Education – 
Class list at the bottom of this email (Tentative dates of of June 3rd or June 17th) Let us know which works best for you by replying to this email
Since 1994, Dawn Cavanaugh’s custom freehand quilting has been winning awards for clients of her business, Rockin’ Bobbin Quilting, Inc. Her work has appeared in publications such as Century of Quilts, Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine, American Patchwork & Quilting, Leisure Arts, House of White Birches, and Fons and Porter’s Love of Quilting publications and TV shows. Dawn also designs patterns, most recently contributing to 505 Quilt Blocks by Meredith Publishing.
She has taught at Machine Quilter’s Showcase for ten years, plus Longarm University, MQ Innovations, Quilting the Quilt, Quilting on the Waterfront, Canadian Machine Quilters’ Expo, the Australian Machine Quilters Showcase, and several regional guilds. Judging machine-quilted projects in quilt shows has also kept her busy. In addition, Dawn is the National Director of Education for APQS, Carroll, Iowa.
REGISTER TODAY – Classes are filling fast
DAY 1 -AM- Tuesday June 18, 2013 10am-1pm


Machine Quilting Skills for Newbies—Practice Makes Perfect—hands on

DAY 1 -PM- Tuesday June 18, 2013 2pm-5pm


Continuous Curves for Newbies–Hands On

DAY 1 -EVE- Tuesday June 18, 2013 6pm-8pm


2-hour Lecture: Solving Tension Headaches EVENING

DAY 2 -AM- Wednesday June 19, 2013 10am-1pm


Background Gridwork Fillers – Hands On

DAY 2 -PM- Wednesday June 19, 2013 2pm-5pm


Border Designs in Half the Time — Hands On

DAY 3 -AM- Thursday June 20, 2013 10am-1pm


Best Backgrounds Design Collection–Hands On

DAY 3 -PM- Thursday June 20, 2013 2pm-5pm


Stipple No More—Backgrounds Galore — Hands On

DAY 4 -AM- Friday June 21, 2013 9am-3pm


Weave a Quilt on Your Stand Up Machine – Hands On

DAY 4 -PM- Friday June 21, 2013 4pm-7pm


3-hour Hands-on Project
Piecing On Your Stand-Up Machine — Hands On

REGISTER TODAY – Classes are filling fast


Festival of Quilts, Heritage Park Saturday & Sunday • May 26 & 27

17th Annual Festival of Quilts
Festival of Quilts, Heritage Park
1900 Heritage Dr SW Calgary, Alberta
Saturday & Sunday • May 26 & 27, 2012 9:30am – 5:00pm

APQS Dealer, Matt Sparrow from Sparrow Studioz in Edmonton is bringing his show floor to Calgary & area quilters. Join him in Booth 105-106 where you can test-drive an APQS Millennium, LENNI & George in the vendor’s mall, talk machine maintenance or read all about the great longarm classes they offer at Sparrow Studioz for beginners thru to advanced owners of all brands of mid-arm & longarm quilting machines.

Want to know what to pay attention to when shopping for a longarm? Come by Matt’s booth and grab a comparison chart.

Wondering how things might turn out if you own a longarm? There is only one way to find out and it all starts with a test-drive.

All The Wonderful Things Karen Taught Me…

… That McTavishing is just the foundation of a style that will soon become your own. She even suggested that McSparrowing has a nice ring to it. ;). I still call it McTavishing though!


… That APQS makes the best Longarm on the planet backed up by unrivaled customer service.


That quilty tattoos are far more common than you could ever imagine.

That bringing a world famous longarm quilter to Canada to teach will be a huge success.

Just over a week from now, me and my iPhone will be at the airport with my live stream running as Karen walks out of customs with a giant army duffle bag full of hand quilting stencils. Be sure to Join us throughout the week for candid little updates and photos of all the fun that is going to be had.

To blog or not to blog? That is the question!

If you look back at my last blog post, you will see that this is far from a regular gig. Even with all the knowledge I possess about the power of blogging, I find myself constantly procrastinating when it comes to keeping my blog current. It’s not like I don’t have anything to say. Even the most uneventful days offer valuable lessons in parenting, longarm quilting, running a new business, being a positive influence, and the list goes on…

Moving forward, I am going to adopt the following motto!

Better brief than nothing at all.

That is how I am going to approach blogging from now on. It may come across as a bunch of little rants, but that’s how I roll. Maybe that’s why I love Facebook so much. It feels more natural to blurt out random thoughts in my status on fb than it does to waste an entire post on my blog.

When I look back at the conversations I’ve started on my wall, I sometimes wish I would have blogged them instead. Then, at the very least they would be ‘searchable’ and wouldn’t feel like they were slowly pushed off my wall And forgotten. Isn’t the whole point of creating content on the web to ‘create a timeless resource for years to come? That’s how I look at it anywayz.

I have decided the best way to keep my blog current is to force myself to blog every day for a month. That is my goal for December. That and not ‘eating out’. Shit! Where did that come from? I love eating out! but seeing as I am not getting any taller yet keep gaining weight, it’s time to take a few precautions to ensure that I don’t hit 250lbs any time soon. That might have the reverse effect as I will now cook bucket loads of food on Sundays and freeze it for the studio throughout the week. Mmmm, can’t wait to start planning recipes.

What’s your favorite festive recipe? crockpot ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Calgary Alberta – Heritage Park – Festival of Quilts – May 28-29

It is my pleasure to participate in the Merchants Mall this year at Heritage Park’s Festival of Quilts. The Festival takes place at Heritage Park Historical Village in Calgary, AB – Saturday, May 28th and Sunday, May 29th 2011. The event plays host to exhibitors, merchants, demonstrators, guilds and thousands of quilt enthusiasts for a weekend devoted to the craft and art of quilts.

I am very excited to bring Sparrow Studioz to the merchant Mall. The last vendor’s mall I participated in (as Manquilter.Com) was in the Creative Stitches show in both Calgary and Edmonton. I was extremely dissapointed at the Calgary show as 3/4 of the booths were dedicated to scrapbooking. Not sure where the word ‘stitches’ fits in there but I have recently learned the reason for the lack of a quilty presence in Calgary. Edmonton on the other hand was a much better show with lots and lots of quilters encouraging the growth of the quilted crafts by coming out and supporting the vendors.

What am I brining to the event next weekend you ask?

Why my buddies GEORGE and LENNI of course!

Who is George you ask?

George is a space-saving stationary APQS machine with an amazing 20″ of throat space. George uses the same sewing components & belt-driven technology as our other machines but in a smaller, basic package. A fast, affordable way to move to a professional longarm machine without sacrificing quality. Warranty: 8-year (96-months) parts/labor.

APQS George portable longarm quilting machine
APQS George Complete quilting system

Although I look like an extremely happy George owner, looks can be deceiving.

Although George is in my Studio, it is only temporary as this little man belongs to a brand new APQS owner in Cochrane, AB. She has graciously allowed me to use her new portable longarm to demo in my booth at Heritage Park next weekend. I’ve been having a blast playing with her new toy even if I lack any skill at all. OMG did my first samples look terrible. It didn’t take me long to realize I needed practice, practice and more practice.

So what does a longarm quilter do when they want to improve their skills?

Easy! They take a class. Seeing as how I teach a Longarm Quilting Class at Sparrow Studioz, I decided I just might be the best teacher for the job. So off to my filing cabinet I went to dig out my Muscle Memory handout. After only twenty minutes I could see a noticeable improvement. I plan to spend at least an hour/day practicing my muscle memory so I look somewhat competent while demo’ing the George in my booth this weekend. Drop by my booth and see how much I have improved after only one week. You can meet George and I’ll tell you everything about him while you sit and sew. Bring your husband along as he may want to remind you later how well built APQS machines look. In the mean time, watch Claudia Clark Meyers (who just happens to use the APQS George long-arm quilting system to machine quilt her projects) kick ass with George.

Penny Meander Sale

That’s right. I said it.

The longarm quilters of Sparrow Studioz are offering a One Penny Meander sale.

Just when you thought you couldn’t afford to have your quilts professional finished, Sparrow Studioz goes and launches an unheard of sale on longarm quilting services. Choose from a variety of all-over designs to finish your quilts. One Penny per square inch! So gather those unfinished tops from your closet, head on over to the grand opening sale at Sparrow Studioz Quilting & Gallery this Friday, Saturday and Sunday and get ready to attach the binding baby. We are only accepting the first 30 quilts, so you better hurry. Sale starts at 7pm Friday the 18th.

Grand Opening Hours
Fri Feb 18 7-9pm
Sat Feb 19 10am – 8 pm
Sun Feb 20 10am – 5pm

Sparrow Studioz Quilting Contest

Here’s the deal. When Sparrow Studioz Newsletter first launched, we included a bonus pattern. (It was a limited time offer but don’t worry, you can still get the Windowpanes pattern.)
To qualify for the contest, you are going to need to make the Windowpanes quilt.
You should also subscribe to this blog (email or reader option),
and subscribe to Sparrow Studioz Newsletter (if you haven’t already).
Lastly, join the Windowpanes Flickr group and add photos of your finished quilt. and VOILA! you are entered for the following prizes….
50 bucks from Fat Quarter Shop.
25 bucks from Crafty Girls Workshop.
One of 3 Hilary Rice patterns from Bytowne Threads.
So there you are. Go sew.