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Introducing Quilt Path – APQS’s Automated Quilting System


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Quilt your masterpiece with ease and professional accuracy using Quilt Path for APQS machines. Enjoy the benefits of an automated quilting system. Quilt Path’s easy to use touch pad makes it simple for you to design and layout your project and let Quilt Path quilt it!
Although I am a freehand quilter and love it ever so much, I have installed my Quilt Path (APQS’s Computerized Quilting Tablet) on my machine and am having tons of fun getting perfect designs with very little effort. Believe me, if I can figure this one out, you’ll have no problem. The most amazing part was the install. It only took me 20 minutes to install this puppy and get it up and running. Quilt Path can be effortlessly installed on any APQS machine except George. I am filming several Quilt Path videos to show you just how easy it is to run. Here are the two quilt path videos I recorded last week showing just how easy it is to install. Come by and experience Quilt Path first hand.
Video #1
Video #2
Say this 10 times really fast… My first computerized machine quilting edge to edge all over Stitch out with my new APQS Quilt Path Stitched with Aurifil’s variegated polyester thread.

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Quilt Path is now shipping. New orders ship in 8-10 weeks. Call Matt or Bradie today to put your name in queue 780-463-4242 for your very own Quilt Path.