Quilt Path. The excitement of Automated Quilting. The Simplicity of APQS.

As many of you know, APQS is the machine to use when simplicity really counts. Now they’ve gone and added a feature rich computer tablet that guides your machine hands-free across your quilt. The touch screen screams Ease of Use while the belt drive offers super precise stitches. You are gonna love what Quilt Path can do for you.

To top it off, APQS is releasing 15 free tutorials you can watch before you even buy Quilt Path. I’ve been watching these videos roll out and am thoroughly impressed how easily they are guiding me from totally intimidated to a Quilt Path Yogi.

How does a proficient freehand quilter get any joy out of running a computer over a quilt? Well, let me tell you. As a freehand quilter, I have a very recognizable style.

Even after taking a class with a master quilter, I never quite stitch like they instructed me, my own style manipulates the design into something unique. It is influenced by my own process. My good friend and mentor Claudia Pfeil calls this ‘Your Personal Hand-Writing’.

Today while standing in the shower, the steaming hot water pounding on my tight shoulders(no visuals please), I got to thinking. I can have Claudia quilt my daughter’s 18th birthday quilt and I don’t even have to ship it to Germany. I can go to Digitech Patterns and download her digital designs and load them on my Quilt Path. Are you with me so far?  That’s right, with a couple clicks of the mouse, I can have Claudia Pfeil quilt my quilts over and over again. Keep your eye on this blog for some of the stitch outs. She really does do amazing work 😉

APQS Quilt Path
Quilt Path. The excitement of Automated Quilting. The Simplicity of APQS.

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