International Quilt Festival of Ireland

As many of you know, quilting for show gives me irritable bowel syndrome. Maybe not that bad but it definitely causes me great stress. That is why I have no plans in putting a quilt in a show anytime in the future. That being said, my good friend Peggy Bass has twisted my arm into breaking my own rules.

Peggy and four other American quilters, respectively known as ‘Team USA’ are entering Quilts into “Patchwork Promises” an international round robin exhibit taking place at the first ever “International Quilt Festival of Ireland“.

Festival of Quilts in Ireland
Matt Sparrow in Ireland

Peggy asked me to quilt her quilt and after seeing a photo of her center block, I was unable to refuse. Several months later, I finally finished quilting her quilt and as I type this, her quilt is on a truck out for delivery. This will be the first time Peggy has seen her quilt since sending it to me months ago. I am only allowed to share this one photo.



I am taking my mom to see the quilt hanging in Ireland in June. Can’t wait!!!!!! I hope you enjoy this photo and wait patiently to see the eleven borders around the center block. YES I said eleven!!!



10 thoughts on “International Quilt Festival of Ireland”

  1. Wow, beautiful quilting. Ribbon winner for sure!! Can’t wait to hear how well this goes with that amazing quilting. Looking forward to seeing the entire quilt. Thanks for the sneak peak.

  2. Matt, that is absolutely fantastic! I can’t wait to see it displayed in Ireland. Your Moma will be so proud of you!!! and I’ll be proud to say that I came with you too!

  3. Matt,
    Can’t wait to see the entire quilting. What I can see is so much more than “fantastic!” I know it will be a show stopper for sure. Thanks for the preview.

  4. Looks awesome Matt! Can’t wait to see it hanging in Ireland!! For sure gonna be a trip of a lifetime, hope to see u there

  5. OMG, thanks be to god i get to see the entire quilt soon. and i get to hand carry it to ireland when i go in february. fabulous job matty, looking forward to meeting up in ireland and meeting yo mamma too!

    jim west

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