All The Wonderful Things Karen Taught Me…

… That McTavishing is just the foundation of a style that will soon become your own. She even suggested that McSparrowing has a nice ring to it. ;). I still call it McTavishing though!


… That APQS makes the best Longarm on the planet backed up by unrivaled customer service.


That quilty tattoos are far more common than you could ever imagine.

That bringing a world famous longarm quilter to Canada to teach will be a huge success.

Just over a week from now, me and my iPhone will be at the airport with my live stream running as Karen walks out of customs with a giant army duffle bag full of hand quilting stencils. Be sure to Join us throughout the week for candid little updates and photos of all the fun that is going to be had.


2 thoughts on “All The Wonderful Things Karen Taught Me…”

  1. You guys are going to have an amazing time! I really wish I was coming, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I just can’t learn from any one, not even the masters, so I’ll just keep looping and meandering and call it good. Some people just got it, and some just don’t.

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