Re-energizing my quilty little world

If you know me, you know that I’m pretty enthusiastic about quilting. I’m not talking about the ACT of quilting, I’m talking about the COMMUNITY of it. Let me explain.

Throughout my life, I have met literally hundreds of people that I can’t stand. Seriously, if you knew me when I was an Asshole, and I was acting like one it’s probably because I didn’t like you. Then again, If you are reading this post, chances are that you are not one of those people I couldn’t stand. The chances are pretty darn good that you are a quilter too. The best I figure, it’s because I no longer hang out with assholes that I no longer act like one.

I have a new peer group of quilters that bring out the best in me. I have yet to meet a quilter that I didn’t like. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that all quilters are the same here, I’m saying that all quilters are likeable, unlike the vast majority of non-quilters. HARHAR! Not only have I met a lot of quilters that I liked, I’ve met a lot that I connect with. We share similar goals, and seem to help or at least motivate each other to achieve them.

Throughout the first few years of my brand new quilting career, I have to admit that as February drags on I become inreasingly drained. My creativity come to a screeching halt and needs desperately to be recharged. At these time I reach out to my local peer group to be inspired but more times than not I find that they too are fighting for air. To cure those quilty blues, I chose to travel to a huge quilting exhibition in the US for five fun filled days of classes with world renowned teachers. Surely that would have to put a spark up my ass. So to Speak OWWWWW! I think I mean ‘A fire under my ass’. Yah that’s better.

Anyway, the past couple years, after a long cold winter, I flew down to Providence, RI and Manchester, NH to take classes from Karen McTavish, Dawn Cavanaugh, Pam Clarke, Debbi Trevino, Deloa Jones, Elaine Huffman, Gina Perkes, Linda Taylor, Debby Brown, Cathy Franks and Sue Patten. Both times I came back ready to quilt and more importantly inspired to create. I also came back with a StrongAss urge to share the excitement with everyone I knew.

After thinking ‘long and hard‘ (can’t believe those words appear together in a quilting blog can you?) The best I felt I could do was invite the crazy, caffeine induced wild women of quilting up to Edmonton to yell at us for five days straight. WELL! That’s exactly what I did! I called my buddy Sue and told her to pack all her quiltiest shit in the backseat of her car and get her ass to Edmonton Alberta to entertain and motivate us right into spring with her awe inspiring classes.

Because out of all the classes I’ve ever taken, I know that Sue is the one and only teacher that connects with each and every student in the room. She treats her students like they are her peers and that’s a great learning environment. She makes your confidence seep from your pores! I know Sue will get the job done! She is going to change the way Edmonton quilters quilt. Well at least the Edmonton quilters that are lucky enough to take her classes.

Every single class I’ve taken has motivated me to become a better quilter but Sue’s classes have changed the way I quilt forever. No joke! Sue Patten has more design ideas floating out of her little ginger head than there are loose threads on the floor of all our sewing rooms combined.

I would love to be a fly on the wall of her studio and watch as these ideas are painted onto her quilts with thread. Wait, I AM, Sam I AM going to be a fly on the wall from March 9th to 15th at Sparrow Studioz Quilting & Gallery. Are you?

more info & register here


7 thoughts on “Re-energizing my quilty little world”

  1. I would dearly love to take this class and spend five days with Sue and Matt. Unfortunately, the project I’m on is hitting mission critical at the same time, so it’s not even possible to consider attending. I wish everyone a great week, and much fun!

  2. Love to, but flight from Australia is tad out of budget at moment, Zentangle wholecloth sounds awesome though

  3. Ok Matt, I have just one darn question for you…. Why in the world are you up in Edmonton and NOT in Southern New York? I am not a longarmer, but I would just LOVE to be in one of your classes and draw on your energy. I just think we are going to have to figure out a way to bring you down here next time this year. We NY’ers get that same draining feeling this time of the year :-). HMMMM… what to do, what to do….

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