Floating a Quilt Top and Batting on the Longarm Quilting Frame

I now float all my tops (ala Sue Patten). I don’t use the c-clamps to hold anything, I use them to mark where the inside border passes under the front roller(where the top would normally be rolled on to). I find I have far more control of how snug the top lays when it extends forward and over the backing bar. I find when the top is rolled on it’s bar, it has too much slack right up against the bar and I found myself basting that down with every turn(ala Sharon Schamber). The end result of all the trouble shooting was floating my tops. Every single one! I remember telling my students six months ago that I float about half my tops. Funny how things change. In the end, all you can do is try every method and see which works for you. If the end result is the same, who cares how you get there.


4 thoughts on “Floating a Quilt Top and Batting on the Longarm Quilting Frame”

  1. Matt,
    I am new to long arm quilting and only have a 9″ throat on my megaquilter that is on an inspira frame. Both not what I should have, but the husband hasn’t come along side this as yet. He is talking about building a frame!!!!! Yikes.
    Currently I have a queen size quilt almost finished on the frame, but as you might expect with the 9″ throat, my quilting area is limited. Today I heard I should have moved the quilt when I was half way through. Whoops.
    So now, do I unpin everything or is their a way to just move the rollers? I have the room to do that, I think. If I do unpin everything I will certainly use your technique of floating. Just can’t get my head around all of this.

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