Loading a quilt with Leadergrips

What’s up my fellow thread jockeys?

As requested by many of you then promised by me, I made several videos for your viewing enjoyment. These videos are based on actual events that take place in my Edmonton quilting studio almost daily. There is absolutely no guarantee that any of these techniques are correct in any sense of the word.

Todays tip of the day: Forget about pinning your quilts, get yourself some leadergrips. What are leadergrips?  You might ask. Here is a short video to show you how to load your quilt on a longarm machine with no pins.

Like most of the shit I do, I do it my way. I am constantly trying to become a more efficient quilter. I look for short cuts as long as they don’t effect the end result. I try to save time as much as possible so I can run my life more effectively.  Leadergrips help me achieve this!


2 thoughts on “Loading a quilt with Leadergrips”

  1. Thank you for another great video, it helps me to remember the steps and to get the best use of my amazing leadergrips.

    Can’t wait to load the charity quilt that was on display at the museum using leadergrips.

  2. Thanks for posting such a great video. I can’t wait to try a set of these Leadergrips. I’m thinking that loading the small charity quilts I have been doing would take very little time! Are you still planning to post more videos such as loading the batting or a quilt top?

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