Happy new year mother factors

As we moved swiftly into 2011 my studio doors are locked for the day the lights above my millennium falcon are turned off and my thread cupboard is closed. As you can see by the title of this post I am using MacSpeech voice recognition software. Some words it knows others it guesses.  I would like to blog more often this year and the best way to guarantee that blogging  happen regularly is to make blogging easier. As most of you may not know I hate typing hate it hate it. With my new wireless headset and microphone in the MacSpeech torrent downloaded for free I am pretty much guaranteed at least a little bit of blogging success.

So here goes nothing. My fingers are crossed that this will be the first of many many many blog posts in 2011. As if this wasn’t exciting enough I have so much to look forward to as I scour the blogosphere for other quilty bloggers to get inspiration from. If you have a quilty blog you’d like me to check out please comment below and I’ll be sure to creep you often.

This was just a little trial and MacSpeech software. I’ll be back later today to discuss my New Year’s resolution for 2011.


5 thoughts on “Happy new year mother factors”

  1. From one mother factor to another, Happy New Year!
    You have given me a gift beyond compare, by sharing your mantra:
    Write it down before I begin
    I Start and Finish Everything I touch with Rewards upon completion
    I am organized and efficient in everything I do.
    I work only on priority tasks.
    …Pick up pace! Move fast! Develop urgency!
    Be an example of a Top Performing Person

  2. okay, if I had macspeech, i would further bore my readers with my blather…. LOL
    I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog. I love being called a mother factor. bring it on!! I’ve been an on and off visitor to your website (quilting cam) but have more often not seen you live… one day! 😉 Congratulations, btw, on your new precious baby…hope all is going well.

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