We’re talking a brand new category of Long Arm Quilting Systems

To say I’ve been waiting patiently to get my hands on APQS’s brand new Bliss Drive System is completely inaccurate.  The truth is, I’ve been twitching like a meth addict at the soup kitchen to see if Bliss lives up to the hype. What hype you ask?

While let’s start with the fact that APQS named the new table and carriage system after an emotion that most of us only feel for a few short moments various times throughout our lives. Personally, I relate the word ‘Bliss’ to the feeling I had the first time I held my newborn child(all eight of them), or the sense of accomplishment of driving your first brand new car off the lot. That’s the hype I speak of. The Hype of living up to a word which represents the best feeling on earth.

APQS Bliss Drive System
Revolutionary Drive System

Anytime you name a product after an emotion, you run the risk of falling short. I must admit, I was a little skeptical that an upgrade to the table and carriage on APQS’s already superior track system could deliver. I was also a little worried that the system I just spent nearly $20,000 on would be suddenly out-dated.

Let’s put this to rest right now. I am THRILLED with this new upgrade. I will be ordering it for my millennium. If all you wanted to know was whether or not I liked Bliss, now would be the perfect time to close this window. If you want to read on, I will list a few observations I’ve made while running Bliss for the short time I had with it at my clients house.

There area few things I should point out before I go on. Bliss is an upgrade to the table frame/rails and carriage system. The machine head still runs on horizontal wheels, although it runs on APQS’s brand new M&M wheels rather than the older style wheel which is still being sold with the regular Millennium w/out Bliss.

A few months ago I bought 8 new M&M wheels and put them on my machine head and carriage. The immediate improvement I saw was jaw dropping. My machine had never glided so freely. One little push and the carriage would easily travel across the entire table. This is why I was hesitant to buy Bliss. I couldn’t see any room for improvement. That’s such a back handed compliment. I know! I admit I may be a wee bit Snarky!

My biggest worry was that Bliss gliding from left to right and M&M wheels riding front to back would create two different feelings. From the second I put the Bliss carriage on the rails, I knew this wasn’t going to be an issue. It felt very similar to my carriage on M&M wheels alone. This is when I started worrying that the upgrade was not worth the extra money as it didn’t feel any different than my wheels. But ahead I forged with the rest of the set-up. One thing I noticed was how the stitch regulator attached to bliss. As you’ll see in the pic below, The stitch regulator makes very clean contact with the rear bliss ‘wheel’.

APQS Bliss Drive System
Rear 'wheel' on the Bliss Drive System

One of the first things I noticed about my M&M wheels was how much better contact the Regulator was making with my wheels. Now, APQS has gone one step beyond that and created a drive system that rolls effortlessly over the rails while increasing contact with the stitch regulator. I was excited to get started quilting to see just how great this new drive system was going to work.

The proof for me isn’t necessarily how the machine glides across an empty table but rather how it glides across a quilt as it’s stitching. I rushed to load up some muslin so I could put this baby to the test. Honestly, up until this point I was still skeptical. Less that 500 stitches later, I WAS COMPLETELY CONVINCED!!!!! Bliss rocked my little quilty world. I wouldn’t say that it rivals witnessing child birth but it comes close. LOL!

In stitch regulated mode, it felt as free as my machine does in manual mode. Absolutely no hesitation. It literally stitched like butter and that by the way was my clients first word as she started up her brand new Bliss Millennium. B U T T E R! I could have played all day but had a long drive home.

I reluctantly packed up my tools and headed home. The whole way home I tried convincing myself that my system was good enough and I didn’t need the Bliss Upgrade. I failed miserably. I NEED BLISS… LMAO

Thanks to a very gracious New APQS Millennium Owner, the revolutionary Bliss Drive System will be available to test drive in my studio for all of September then at the Creative Stitches Shows in Alberta, Canada.

Calgary – Sept 24/25 2010
BMO Centre – Hall D
20 Round Up Way SE

– Show Hours –
Friday 9:00AM – 6:00PM
Saturday 9:00AM – 5:00PM

Edmonton – Oct 1/2
Mayfield Inn & Suites
16615 – 109 Ave

– Show Hours –
Friday 9:00AM – 6:00PM
Saturday 9:00AM – 5:00PM

Here are some more pics of the new Bliss Drive System.

Millennium Bliss Carriage
APQS Millennium Bliss Carriage
Bliss drive system
Longarm quilting rail system

2 thoughts on “We’re talking a brand new category of Long Arm Quilting Systems”

    1. I drove that BLISS BABY in Chicago at the International Quilt Fest…..it was INSANE LIQUID BUTTAH!!! Seriously …Peed my quilted big girl panties! IT TRULY is a brand new category of longarm machine. I have to admit after those unbelievable 45 seconds of geting my paws on it….I want it too!!!

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