APQS M&M Wheels

I cracked under the pressure and ordered a set of APQS’s M&M Wheels. I installed them on my Millennium Falcon Thursday night and had a blast quilting the whole day yesterday. They are amazingly smooth. My Millie glides across the table like nobody’s business.

As the stitch regulator spins right along side your wheels, M&M wheels not only give you a smoother ride but they increase stitch quality dramatically and decrease the chances of thread breakage. I quilted a big queen yesterday with only one thread break. I would normally have at least a dozen breaks with the exact same thread before installing the new wheels!

The whole ‘stitch regulator working better with the new wheels thing’ is merely my observation. I don’t know if the wheels were designed with that in mind. But I can tell you from installing them and running them, the SR is making much better contact with the wheel.

You can purchase the wheels directly from APQS. An entire set of 8 wheels is $240, plus tax and shipping. Instructions for replacing your existing wheels are included. Ask for the Parts Department when you call. You can also send an email to our Parts Department indicating that you’d like to order a set:
APQS Parts Department, Amy Anderson


One thought on “APQS M&M Wheels”

  1. Your pictures are the best I have found on my google search. However, I still am confused. Is the wheel on the left the M&M; and the wheel on the right the old style? Or are only a few wheels replaced? I am considering purchasing them, and want to make sure it is worth the $ and hassle. Thanks!

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