Heidi Loves the Simplicity of the APQS Lenni

Yesterday, I had a local quilter visit me in my home studio to test drive my APQS Millennium.

She expressed interest in a Lenni so I wanted to point out the differences between the Millennium and The Lenni before we got started.

I sat my client down before the test drive and let her watch Heidi Kaisand’s video I have posted on my website (The Simplicity of The Lenni) so she would have a better Idea of what the handles look like on the Lenni as oppose to my Millennium. I watched her face as she watched Heidi’s video (I know, that sounds so creepy) and even though the video was only a minute long, a couple points really seemed to strike home for her.

Particularly Heidi says…
“I like long arm quilting but I’m very new at it, and one of the things that I really like is the simplicity of our Lenni” That’s a very powerful statement!

I hear from new Long Arm quilters all the time how overwhelmed they feel when they first get their machines set up.

The APQS Lenni definitely addresses this issue. It’s two simple buttons make it very easy for a new longarm quilter to become comfortable with their new machine.


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