Side Saddle vs. Compu Quilter

Thanks to Kelley J. Jones for posting this video to Youtube to show us first hand how the new side saddle computerized quilting system compares to the compuquilter on APQS machines. Note that they are both running the same pattern
Please be sure to visit the Longarm of the Law @ Ye Olde Forest Quilters and thank them for hooking this up!


5 thoughts on “Side Saddle vs. Compu Quilter”

  1. Thanks for posting this. Great to see the difference in speed. I would have thought it would have effected the stitch quality, but did not look like it. The QBOT does not even come close to this.

  2. Matt,
    Looks like the video has been removed by the original poster. Makes me wonder why? I would have been interested in seeing the difference. Thanks for sharing anyway.
    Not too much longer till MQX!!!

  3. OOPS sorry about deleting the old video. The developers made some modifications to the system and I re-shot the video.

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