$200 GiveAway! Towards My Long Arm Quilting Services

I’ve been teasing you guys for a while now! I have finally thought of a few great ways to give away a $200 worth of my long arm quilting services.

I am actually giving away two $200 Manquilter gift certificates as prizes! That’s right two separate prizes that you have a chance at winning. Of course I am going to make you jump through a few hoops to get a chance at winning but it will be well worth the little effort you will need to put in.

You must complete each task to qualify for each prize.

Chance #1 – $200 Manquilter Gift Certificate
1. You must have a free Ustream Account with user name! http://ustream.tv
2. Must Comment on my Ustream Page http://www.ustream.tv/channel/long-arm-quilting
3. RSVP on my show
4. Follow my Ustream Page.

5. Post this Link on your FaceBook Profile http://www.ustream.tv/channel/long-arm-quilting telling the world that I’m just the greatest thing since Chili in a Homemade Bun! LMAO!

$200 Giveaway


Chance #2 – $200 Manquilter Gift Certificate

Details coming soon!


5 thoughts on “$200 GiveAway! Towards My Long Arm Quilting Services”

  1. Guess I am out of the contest running, darn dial up is useless to watch video or tv on the computer, no other options here in the country where I live, but if that is all I am missing………then I have it GREAT!!!

  2. So who won? I just found the contest today, did all the stuff, waiting for the RSVP event only to read the bottom of the contest that it could be over already.

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