Work in Progress Wednesday

This is my very first w. i. p. post so I will catch you up on the two quilts I have planned but who knows when or if I will ever finish them.

Inspiration for my next Wholecloth Quilt
Inspiration for my next Wholecloth Quilt

First and most important to me is my next wholecloth quilt. I am in the process of marking it out. It was inspired by a native head dress photo I found in google images. The project has evolved and I think it will turn out absolutely magnificent. That’s all I’m willing to tell you about that quilt now on to other work in progress I’ve got planned.

For some time, I have wanted to do a Ricky Tims Rhapsody Quilt. I have bought two of his books. Ricky Tims Rhapsody Quilts and Baskets and Flowers. I have pulled the books out, unfolded the patterns, even read through the instructions on more than a dozen occasions.

I have gone as far as to fold my 8.5×8.5 inch piece of paper up into a little triangle and draw out various designs only to unfold the paper and hate it! I am very frustrated with the whole process. I updated my Facebook one day saying this very thing and got a message the next day from Kim Caskey. To my delight, Kim, a friend from the Edmonton Quilt Guild is going to offer a class teaching this technique using Ricky’s books.

Anyone wanting to join us, give me  a shout and we’ll set you up when we know what day the class will run. Kim pointed out that, This class is really a series of exercises for each step of the Rhapsody quilt process. The quilt could not be completed in a one-day (6 hour) workshop, but the skelleton pattern (which takes hours to draw and perfect), techniques and sewing instruction tips could be demonstrated for and practiced by students during the class.

So hopefully Kim will help me put my desire to quilt a Rhapsody quilt behind me 🙂

You see I don’t often get the urge to piece a quilt, my passion is for putting the final stitches in it. So whenever I find a quilt pattern I’d really like to quilt, i end up having to piece the quilt myself to get the opportunity. I think the process of making a quilt has a different meaning to a long arm quilter. I totally think about how I will quilt it long before I even chose the fabrics. I start by choosing the thread and work backwards. Weird right! But it works for me ! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Work in Progress Wednesday”

  1. Ricky’s quilts are amazing! I have ordered some hand dyes from the store and still haven’t done it. I’ve really got to do my “bucket list” of quilts. Good for you!

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