The Mecca for Long Arm Quilters welcomes Toby Lischko

Machine Quilters Exposition

41 days and counting…

As MQX’s biggest fan, I am going to be talking obsessively about it over the next, let’s say, 41 days.

Today I would like to tell you about a Non Long Arm Quilting Teacher. This quilter, author and teacher is bringing a set of classes to MQX this year to teach all us long arm quilters that we may want to consider piecing a few quilts in our spare time. Toby may just remove my fear of paper piecing and sewing curves. I can always hope. Here is a list of the classes that Toby Lischko will be offering this year at Machine Quilters Exposition in Providence, RI.

Toby Lischko – 102 – Unfoundation Piecing

Tired of tearing off foundation paper? This beginner class is for foundation piecing and sewing curves. Learn a foolproof method using freezer paper for the founda- tion and sewing curves. Easy, fun and lots of ‘light bulb moments’!

205 – Glorified 9 patch with a Turn

The Glorified Nine-Patch or Improved Nine-Patch block has been made famous by retired teacher Sharyn Craig. Toby has adapted her class to create her own unique pat- terns using John Flynn’s template sets. If you have been fearful of curved piecing, then this is where you’ll have a breakthrough!

303 – Stars Over St Louis

Every quilt in this class comes out unique! Featured in Toby’s new book, St Louis Stars, students will learn the secret to piecing this 8-point star block with no “Y” seams. Improve your accuracy using mirrors in this fasci- nating, cutting-edge class.

423 – Fast Easy Appliquéd Circle (or Appliqué for Dummies)

Not being much of an appliquér, Toby wanted to share this surprisingly easy technique. Using circles cut out of a pieced block, create easy quilts that you can make in a weekend. This is a fusible appliqué technique using a decorative zigzag stitch to finish.


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