Do Quilters even like Cinnamon Buns

While the day has nearly arrived and I’m driving myself crazy trying to get everything ready. With the help of my amazing wife, my quilting studio is spotless, the kitchen is clean, carpets all vacuumed, bathrooms as clean as they can possible be but yet I keep adding things to the list I had made for myself. As I check items off my list of things to do before the APQS beginners class I am teaching on Tuesday, I seem to find other things to add.

You see there are good and bad things about hosting a 6hr class in my home studio. The biggest plus is that I get to spend a full day with six eager quilters, the minus being that my studio just happens to be in my home. Not so bad that it’s in my home but that it’s in the home of my messy eight little kids. The sooner I get an area of the house ready for company, one of the littles mess it up right behind me.

For instance, today I woke up to our 2yr old Sophie running around the house with a sharpie (permanent) marker. So now it’s either paint the walls or complete the last thing on my list which just happened to be ‘Make cinnamon Buns for my guests’. Which brings me to the question, Do Quilters even like Cinnamon Buns? Please tell me they don’t! I may have to knead dough with my right hand and paint with my left.

We’ll see how it goes 🙂

Wish me luck!


8 thoughts on “Do Quilters even like Cinnamon Buns”

  1. You shouldn’t be worried about the house. We are coming to learn and won’t even notice all of your hard work. And didn’t you know that quilters don’t do house work we go to our sewing machines and forget all about the mess. lol As my sister was told once, they will not put the comment that you had a clean house on your head stone. It will say you had a fantastic family that loved you more that words could say. See you on Tues.

  2. Of course we like (love) cinnamon buns! Most of us have had small children running around, I had one black Sharpie on the white kitchen cabinets. It’s art, you can paint it later. It isn’t dirt! Ask the quilters what color you should paint it, make the cinnamon buns, have fun, don’t sweat the small stuff! Some day they’ll all be grown up and the house will stay clean for days at a time!

  3. Go with the Cinnamon Buns, the quilters will understand, particularly if they’ve had little people running around. You’ll do well with your teaching!


  4. Sharpie on walls…how well I know the sight! My 3 year old grandson did a nice black line on every 1st floor wall (all white!) once while I was on the 2nd floor packing things getting ready for a move. It was like he held it against the wall and just ran through the house, like a kid with a stick on a fence!
    Although I wouldn’t do this before your class cause anyone with kids will not even blink an…I would like to share my discovery that Mr Clean Magic Eraser takes it off!! Takes a little elbow grease and more than one, especially if you are doing the walls in 4 rooms, but it works great!
    Have a great day with your class.

  5. Don’t worry about the walls. Quilters run on sweets.. Get those Cinnamon buns made and they won’t even notice the art work. Heres a thought, charge them an extra $10 for an art exhibit and that will help off-set the cost of the paint!!!

  6. Well, I think you should keep the sharpie on the walls… if I saw the sharpie on the walls, I would feel relieved, that it’s not only my house that has been terrorized by wee ones.
    As for cinnamon buns, you can always make a quick trip to Cobbs bakery…. yum.

    Good luck with you class

  7. Hahaha! I have blue “X’s” in various places in my house. Some years ago my then 4 year old just decided that “X” needed to mark the spot (s)…some of my walls are rough cedar so there’s no painting. I removed many of them, but the one on the wall going up the stairs remains. Each time I see it I’m reminded of him and this stage in his life. I’m usually pretty anal retentive about such things so I surprise even myself that it puts a grin on my face. Besides, you have to leave something for people to talk about!! Don’t want them criticizing your quilting methods…better to critique your poor housekeeping!! LOL

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