Ten Used Long Arm Quilting Machines For Under $10,001 ea.

Never a better time to buy. Take advantage of this blowout pricing event! 10 used machines – 10 days – All under $10,001… need I say more?


2007-   Now – $10,000
2005-   Now – $10,000
2003-   Now – $10,000
2002-   Now – $10,000
2002-   Now – $10,000
2000- Now – $10,000
Freedom SR
2007-   Now – $10,000
2005- Now – $9,500


2009-    Now  – $8,000

2008- Now  – $8,000
When the calendar flipped to 2010, the door opened to a new decade for long-arm machine quilting. APQS is trying to jump start their sales team and I definitely feel motivated to help you guys get one of these great deals.
Machines are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

** All used machines include a one-year warranty and a new table. (Millenniums and Liberties can choose from a 10, 12, or 14-foot table; Lenni is the 10 or 12 foot standard table.)

CALL ME TODAY. Let’s get you a smoking hot deal! 780-633-4242

One thought on “Ten Used Long Arm Quilting Machines For Under $10,001 ea.”

  1. I have a 2010 lenny I’m looking to sell. It was new when we bought it. the business didn’t work out like we hoped and now I am stuck with this quilting machine and I don’t quilt. My quilter moved on me. I want to sell it. Can you provide any help email me at zephiero at gmail dot come.

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