Dustin Farrell’s quilts and Claudia Pfeil’s (P)Fun (P)Feiling (P)Feathers DVD

Claudia Pfeil’s (P)Fun (P)Feiling (P)Feathers

I bought this Dvd months ago, watched it and stored it in my quilting cabinet to watch again another time.

Today I came across some photos in my men’s online quilting group. They were posted by Dustin Farrell from http://cscountrystitchin.com

 Dustin Farrell Wholecloth
Dustin Farrell Wholecloth
Dustin Farrell from cscountrystitchin.com
Dustin Farrell from cscountrystitchin.com

After viewing these beautiful quilts, the first thing that came to mind was, DAMN THIS CAT CAN QUILT!

The second thing of course was I need to practice my feathers. I thought I was good at feathers till I saw these feathers in Duntins album. The first thing I heard as I pressed play on Claudia Pfeil’s DVD was those three words (P)ractice (P)ractice (P)ractice! Claudia is so right. If you are a long arm quilter, the most important tool you have is practicing. You will grow by leaps and bounds before you  even know it!

Here is the DVD preview to get your feet wet but be warned that you may find the NEED to order the entire DVD right after watching it. http://www.quilt-und-co.de/


5 thoughts on “Dustin Farrell’s quilts and Claudia Pfeil’s (P)Fun (P)Feiling (P)Feathers DVD”

  1. These are two of the quilts I quilted for the Nolting both. I am a rather new quilter 5 years I have never used a panogram or a computer system with my machine. I love quilting, it’s my life. I’m teaching some this year hope to learn lots. I’ll be at MQX,MMQS,LAncaster.

  2. Cool Dustin! I’ll be at MQX too. We’ll have to meet.

    Like you, I am also a new quilter and it has taken over my life. I can’t remember what I ever did before the longarm even though I’ve only been taking customer quilts a little over a year. I got my first machine in April ’08 and spent a while practicing to build enough confidence. Seeing your work in very inspiring.

  3. I will admit…I have taken a class from Claudia. I learned all those feathers that she has on her DVD. She is so FUN!! During class, she kept telling me, stop making tongues (Mick Jagger tongues)!! I had those down perfectly!! 🙂 My feathers are getting better every day. So glad I met her and was able to take a class from her!!!!!

  4. For Dusty-do you still do trunk shows. I’m in a quilt guild south of Pittsburgh and interested in you coming to speak. Please contact me. Thank you


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