Almost running Pre Design Studio II on a Mac

Pre-Design Studio II Quilting Design Software
Pre-Design Studio II Quilting Design Software

As you can see by the photo, I have had to invest quite a bit of money into turning my freehand quilting designs into pantographs. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind one little bit. I understand that it takes money to make money but the thing is that i don’t quite have it up and running yet.

Where do I start? How about at the beginning, which I am very lucky is only a week ago. I usually have to wait months for ideas to become reality so I have to admit that I’m not surprised this isn’t working out as planned.

About a week ago I saw a video on Youtube that I posted here on my blog as soon as I found it. I got really excited about the possibilities that it offered. I rushed off to their website and ordered it. A week later, all the way from the Netherlands, the parcel arrives. Woohoo!

Not so fast!

Now all I had to do was install bootcamp, partition my hard drive, run out and buy Windows, install it, pop my new design cd in my Imac and run Pre Design Studio II.

Easy right?

Not so fast!

Long story short, I bought the wrong version of Windows for my Imac. Turns out the 64 bit version only runs on brand new machines and mine is 2 yrs old 😦

I know! I’ll return to Memory Express and exchange it.

Not so fast!

‘We don’t take returns on software’ says the guy on the other end of the phone. I explain that the guy on the phone this afternoon told me what to buy and that it would work. To which he replies ‘let me transfer you to customer service so they can tell you the exact same thing, ‘We don’t take returns on software’.

Smart ass right?

I promptly hang up the phone and take several deep breaths.

Several hours later, I have now accepted the fact that I will not be running the Pre Design Studio II software tonight. I have placed an ad on Kijiji looking to trade my Version of Windows 7 64bit Home Premium for a similar but not quite the same version of Windows 7 32bit Home Premium which I now understand will work on my Mac.

I could very easily tell you that it’s my fault for owning a Mac but I’d much rather slam PC! As I look for software compatible with my machine I am reminded of the simplicity that made me fall in love with Macs in the first place.

I have made you this fun little list. Let’s see if you get my point!


Microsoft released Windows 2000 – Windows 98 – Windows Me – Windows XP – Windows XP Home – Windows XP Professional – Windows Vista Home Basic -Windows Vista Home Premium -Windows Vista Business – Windows Vista Ultimate – Windows 7 Home Premium – Windows 7 Professional – Windows 7 Ultimate

MacOSX released – Tiger – Leopard – Snow Leopard

I’m just sayin’…


4 thoughts on “Almost running Pre Design Studio II on a Mac”

  1. The worst day on a Mac is much better than the best day on a PC.

    Sorry about your troubles, but you are helping others by posting what you find out.


  2. Hi Matt,

    I have a new iMac 10.5.7 running Leopard desktop. However, I have not portioned it off to run Windows. I don’t plan to—Instead I have all my embroidery designs, EQ6. Pre-Design and Palette 6.0 digitizing on my Dell laptop running Win. XP. It is just easier to take the laptop everywhere I want and keep it near the machine or wherever. It may be less expensive in the long run to invest in a good used laptop devoted to software that requires Windows than to partion off my Mac. It’s working for me. My sewing machine dealer suggested this when I told them what i was planning.

  3. how do you like the software? I have been looking at the utube videos and wondering if it would be a good buy for someone starting out designing my own quilt designs.


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