Quilters Home Magazine ‘CAN’ survive without Mark Lipinski!

Yah! I said it…

Quilters Home Magazine ‘CAN’ survive without Mark Lipinski!

There I said it again! And I don’t care who reads it or sends my updates to their fallen leader. I didn’t care that his name was on the Mag before he quit and I don’t care that his name isn’t on it now.

The reason I faithfully drove to the book store to hunt down every issue of Quilter’s Home Magazine minutes after it hit the shelf had very little to do with the Man who’s face was plastered all over the mag giving you all the illusion that none of you had anything to do with the success of the mag.

Here’s my theory.

The Mag succeeded because of it’s awesome readership! Every issue, I ran to the book store to pick up my copy and sit in the parking lot and read it while the kids slept in the back seat(s).

I loved the mag because of the letters and comments from readers. Hell, most of the articles were written based on reader input. I never read it for any one person, I read it to feel like part of the ‘rebel’ quilting community. I hope that community can come together and keep this awesome mag alive because without it, we’re all stuck reading 100 pages of patterns!

The truth is, the reason we all read the magazine was to feel like a part of that ‘rebel’ quilting community. We were sick and tired of all the quiltzilla’s in this world telling us that we had to follow the rules. We were tired of the stereotype that quilters are a bunch of old ninnies!

ML wasn’t afraid to admit that he didn’t give a shit what anyone thought and that definitely started the snowball rolling. But let’s not forget that without the thousands of us readers that echoed his feelings and flooded his mailbox with letters sharing our experiences, that (quilter’s) mold would never had been shattered to pieces the way it was.

The truth is we all shared something pretty special within those glorious pages of Quilter’s Home. Sure it may have taken Mark Lipinski to point out all the little things that brought us together, and for that I am grateful. But I would never trade one person for the lineup of quilter’s still writing for quilter’s home. I love Meg Cox, Scott Murkin, Annie Smith, Megan Dougherty and Judy Busch, not to mention the 31 other names hidden behind the giant Photo of ML three pages in on every issue. The entire editorial staff that is. And to tell you the truth, I love the community of readers that write in to the mag every month.

This totally reminds me of high school. When I was in grade 11, the quarterback quit the football team because the coach wouldn’t let him wear his favorite Edmonton Eskimo Jersey to practice. For those of you that don’t know, the Edmonton Eskimos were our Championship CFL football team that happened to be the kids favorite. Long story short, the disgruntled quarterback wouldn’t play for the team because he was told he had to wear the sponsors jersey’s for practices and games cause they were paying for the team’s travel expenses and equipment. The kid abandoned his team and ended up ruining the schools entire football program because he convinced a bunch of his teammates to quit with him. This, combined with an ugly display of nasty gossip, caused the team to lose their sponsor and they had to shut the school’s team down.

Let me make myself perfectly clear!

It’s important to realize that it’s not always a choice between one or the other. It’s a big happy quilting world where everyone should be loved and respected. We are all blessed to have found such an awesome past time. When so much passion is involved, it’s hard to put the emotion aside at times. I completely understand. If ML comes out with another Mag, I will be the first one at that very same bookstore buying both magazines. I’d even make one my babies go without diapers to make sure I could afford them both LOL! Think Bradie would allow that?

My point is, I saw Mark speak last year at MQX and he was a riot! In fact he was nothing short of comical genius. Never the less he doesn’t define me! I can take him or leave him. Lucky for me, I’m the kind of quilter that needs as much inspiration as I can find, so I’ll be buying both mags for shizzle me nizzle! Comprehend?

Back to QH. I’m grateful that I found a magazine that made me feel like I finally belonged. This being said, I’m not about to abandon the team, which as a reader I felt I was a part of.



My rant is finished!

I’ve been holding this in for a long time and I don’t know why I’ve been so afraid of all you posse members. Let it be known, You aren’t defined by one person either. Time to stand on your own two feet and come back to the team that we we were all a part of. Take the emotion out of the decision and just buy it cause you love to quilt. With all of our support, we can return Quilter’s Home to it’s glory!


26 thoughts on “Quilters Home Magazine ‘CAN’ survive without Mark Lipinski!”

  1. Matt, I have to agree. While I love, love, love Mark I don’t find the magazine unreadable without him. It isn’t the same but I’m not going to cash out my subscription just yet. I will however subscribe to any new magazine that Mark publishes and I would take any class from him because he is just that good. He is a hoot and I think has helped change the quilting world and for that he deserves my gratitude cuz I just ain’t that good with the longarm yet so he helps me accept my -ahem–creativity.

  2. Matt…..Very well said! Glad you had the guts to speak your mind as well as a lot of other people’s. I wish the magazine continued success.

  3. Sue, you may not believe this but I feel the same way! I will definitely read the new mag too. Heck I buy every single quilting mag I can get my hands on. Like I said his presentation at mqx was a riot. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard!

    I hope people don’t mis-interpret what I’m saying, because I’m defending all quilters!

    1. Matt, I had the feeling that we were kindred spirits regarding Mark. I certainly don’t think that anyone will misinterpret anything that you said. And thanks agaoin for all the freebies you give all of us. You rock.

  4. Well, my goodness Matt, I must say, you really made me think!!! I too just love Mark’s humor and fun! What you had to say , made total sense to me and you made me understand that I was really not seeing the whole picture. I actually havn’t read a QH since Mark left…but I’ll go out and pick one up tomorrow.
    Thanks for allowing me to see how closed minded I was being.
    Your friend

  5. Hi Matt,
    Very well written post! I didn’t cancel my subscription to QH just because ML wasn’t there. I worked for a computer company for years and one thing we learned was that projects still go on even when someone leaves. You made some very good points. I liked QH because it was different and expressed things one didn’t see in other quilt mags. I bought that first issue and liked it’s content, but I bought it mainly because it was titled “Quilter’s Home” and we were building a new home at the time. I often referred to it as my “Quilter’s Home”. I didn’t even know who ML was when I bought that first issue. I didn’t subscribe because of ML. I subscribed because the mag offered a different “take” on quilting and echoed some of my own thoughts. Sometimes I agreed with articles, sometimes not. I always learned something, I often laughed, and I read each issue. Oh, and I contributed because I was a posse member (I’m still in Mark’s group but not active now as my own Yahoo group is growing so fast that I can’t keep up with it). I hope the magazine continues as I think the format is still viable. And Mark may develop something new and I might buy that, too. However………here is an aspect that has been I’ve been thinking about all week. I realized that I have only bought one quilting magazine in the last 12 months. The only quilting magazine I subscribe to is QH. The reasons I haven’t bought any magazines is that I am finding so much to read on-line that I don’t need magazines. I talked to my friends and I am not alone in this. Don’t get me wrong…..I love my magazines and have quilt mags dating back 40 years. I just realized that I am not buying and that is probably not a good thing for magazine publishers.

  6. I enjoyed the magazine however I felt that the comedy of it crossed the line a few times and became offensive to some quilters.
    I also was annoyed that ML was handling his dentures while taping quilt out loud.
    I thought it was odd that he up and quit everything at once it seemed impulsive and without an explanation my mind tends to imagine all kinds of things
    I wish Quilter’s Home would share their vision and their plan I can be very supportive if
    I have a clue of what to expect
    What I like most about quilter’s World is that I am not alone .That my guild is not the only guild with clicks and quilt police in it.That there is more to quilting than just stitching a pattern. That quilters when working together have the power to change the world.That not every quilt is an heirloom but an opportunity to share my deepest feelings with those I care about. That I can succeed even if it is not perfect
    My confidence grows as I share my best with others especially with those less fortunate than I

  7. Matt,

    Well said. Right on, brother more power to ya’! I am new quilting, just a year in but I have found that QH is so different from all the other mags. I am tired of patterns, give me some stories. QH fills that niche AND lets me know about other quilters and how they live out their passion. Inspiration hits me after I read it.

    Your rant was much appreciated. Your voice is one I never tire of listening to and you continue to inspire me with all your projects!

  8. Hear, hear, brother! I’ve been preparing my own manifesto as well, in the wake of all the nastiness I’ve been reading. The people who helped make QH what it is today are still there and valiantly struggling to keep it going. They don’t deserve to have the magazine they have worked so hard to create die just because someone took his ball and went home.

  9. Very well said. It was good with him, it is good without him. I like QH because it is different from every other magazine on the rack. Rant on, Bro!

  10. Well said and in a very positive way! I love quilting and the quilt world and I refuse to get myself in a situation where I take sides on anything. I may dislike a publication or product and I will share my experience when I think it will be valuable. I try to always keep it positive. Once I had a blog post about some product or the other that I was having some trouble with. I discovered that the manufacturer was a blog reader and we proceeded to have an incredibly productive conversation about the product and it’s uses and we all benefited from it.

    QH is great, ML is great, F&P is great, ONM is great, Ricky and Alex are great…..it’s just a great industry all around and we are lucky to have it to feed our souls and fabric cupboards! Life is too short and situations ALWAYS have more than one point of view. We need to be aware of all of them. I think you put it best of all.

  11. Matt,
    Why didn’t the folks at QH say the things that you did? They have kept us in the dark and have continued to use Mark’s name in their advertisements and renewal cards. In the Feb issue, they have tried to simulate Mark’s writing style but you can tell its not Mark’s writing. Its their deception that I find irritating. QH should step up to the plate, take Mark’s name off their advertising, and become whatever they are going to become in their own right. If its good, quilters will buy their mag. If its a knock-off of Mark’s style, shame on them and I won’t subscribe.

    –Jan Harmon, California

    1. Jan,

      I have no idea what goes on at QH. I have no idea of anything that happened leading up to this point and probably never will.
      I agree with you that there should have been a separation of the two right there in the pages of the mag for everyone to read.
      I know people that read the magazine religiously who are now shocked to see him gone. They feel blindsided.
      No warning was given to the readers what so ever. What’s up with that? I can totally see where you are coming from and on that matter I agree with you.

      As for the writing style, here’s where we see things a little differently. My opinion and again I will say that this is only ‘MY’ opinion, is that after years of maintaining the same tone to a magazine, it would be nearly impossible to have the remaining staff stop dead in their tracks and run full speed in the opposite direction. Issues are planned months sometimes a year in advance. Even if it were achievable to change the tone of the mag in a single issue, don’t you think the readers would feel a bit betrayed. If I were in their shoes ‘and I’m not’ I would try to maintain the same tone that readers like you and I have grown to love with the goal of retaining as many subscribers as possible. Then once the dust has settled and there is at least a small indication that the Magazine ‘CAN’ survive, would I let the magazine develop it’s own voice. It’s inevitable that if Quilter’s Home survives it will look very different from the ML version but I feel it can still share many of the same readers.

      just my thoughts… thanks for the comment Jan

  12. WOW, I had no idea you felt this strongly about QH….I, like so many others, were probably thinking that he WAS Quilters Home, well, at least I did. I truly loved reading his articles because I find him to be quite the comedian. I would still like to know why he is no longer there, but I guess that truth will stay untold. I was very hasty to cancel my subscription not realizing some of the facts that you have pointed out, guess I was being quite narrow minded when I did that, but I truly believed that it was HIS magazine. I am a quilter, first and foremost….I need to stop believing what others say and have a mind of my own and not be swayed by others opinions…thanks for opening my eyes, Matt.

  13. Love it! I wish there were more magazines that are article based/entertaining for us quilters who stagger along the ‘rules’ of quilting.
    Great piece!

  14. They say that writing a blog can change the way you think forever because it allows you the rare opportunity to see your words through other people’s eyes. I have learned today that even though a large majority of my readers ‘heard’ exactly what I was saying, it only takes one to turn your words around and misrepresent you on their own blog and make you question the intent behind every word you wrote.

    Here is an example of just such a case… For the life of me, no matter how many times I read my post over again, I just can’t see where this woman gets off.


    I may just need to load up the long arm and forget all about it 🙂 That’s my therapy!

  15. With all due respect Matt….. in my never-ever-so-humble-opinion, that magazine was defined by Mark. Yes, I am a good friend of his and we chat regularly but having such a strong opinion about the publication’s success without him is a tad premature. Up until this last issue, they were still using his name on the mast head, as well as material he had already written for it. These next few issues will define the magazine as a viable publication or not. Simply because the new regime decided to put in an article about you does not a successful magazine make! Time will tell.

    Janet-Lee Santeusanio
    MQX Founder

    1. Janet-Lee,

      ‘Simply because the new regime decided to put in an article about you does not a successful magazine make’

      JL, I couldn’t agree with you more. As I said repeatedly in my post, it’s the readers that make the mag. As a faithful reader I pointed out all of the reasons I loved the mag and Mark was only one of them.

      The fact that I appeared in the mag has absolutely nothing to do with my hopefulness of its continued success. I understand that you and thousands of others feel that Mark defined Quilter’s Home and I respect that. There are however many readers that I have been hearing from that read QH for other reasons as well. As one of those readers, I would hate to see the Magazine take a complete 360 because he is gone. I hope that it can retain some of it’s wit despite the fact that he is gone.

      I feel the same way about QuiltOutLoud. It’s a great program without Mark just like it’s a great program with Mark. I guess I’m just the kind of guy that loves anything quilty!

      just saying…

  16. Well, when I got my latest copy of Quilter Home in the mail a few days ago, I was very glad I had not cancelled my subscription. I did miss Mark’s witty remarks, but for the most part it was just a good as ever. Looking forward to the upcoming issues.

  17. Matt, thanks for finally SAYING IT (back in January, that is). I was just sort of looking around and came across this website, and I’m so agreeing with everything you have said here. To me, Mark Lipinski NEVER WAS the “entirety” of Quilters Home. Not by a longshot. Of course, he and a few others (the Marxist groupies) apparently THOUGHT that. However, we are certainly ready to prove otherwise. And thank you so very much for humbly recognizing that the readership of QH is mainly what has made it what it IS. Not one personality or another. Thanks for a GREAT magazine! I’m so looking forward to our next issue… hopefully, we’ll be seeing some of the MOJO DOLLS that were entered in the contest! (mine, being one of them!….) Hang in there Manquilter!

  18. I just received my magazine, and realized Mark is not all over the magazine. I kept wondering why it seemed so tame. I am sorry he is not longer involved, and hope the magazine keeps the spirit with which it was started.

  19. I just bought my first issue of QH sans ML. I have to say its not quite the same.
    It appears they are valiantly trying to write like ML but arent quite able to pull it off.
    However, I will not throw the baby out with the bathwater; I’ll wait and see…….

  20. I just came across your comments about Quilter’s Home. I was also concerned that the magazine would not be able to survive Mark’s departure. However, I’ve been impressed with how they’ve handled it since their early faux paux about not explaining what was happening once Mark left. Not talking about it made people think the worst.

    I think that in recent issues Melissa and Jake have taken the bull by the horns and are listening to their subscribers and the quirky end of the quilting community. I have had some interaction with them and I must say that they are as funny as Mark and you can see why they worked with him so well.

    I like the direction the magazine is taking and think it has more reader input then before. For instance the Mojo Doll thing started as a challenge and ended up a contest. They’re going to put all of the Mojo Dolls up on their website. How cool is that? I think it’s great that not only the best of the best get their shot at quilting fame. The fact is that all of us who love this artform have something to share and it’s great to have a forum like Quilter’s Home to do it in. I look forward to seeing what Mark does next, but there’s plenty of room for Quilter’s Home to thrive as well.

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