APQS Beginner Long Arm Quilting Class

As an APQS Rep, I offer new owners a free 6hr beginner’s class. The best part is, you can take this class even if you didn’t buy your machine from me. All APQS owners qualify for the beginners class.

Heck, even if you don’t own a long arm and are just interested in a preview of all the new features that APQS Long Arm Quilting Machines have to offer. You can still join in on the fun for only $100. That’s a great value for eveything you will learn during this in depth 6hr class.

During the class I will cover the following topics…

  • Tension
  • Thread, Batting and Backing
  • Business Start Up
  • Evaluate a Sample Quilt Top
  • Load a Baby Quilt
  • Pantographs
  • Quilt Border Methods
  • Quilt Block Methods
  • Ruler Safety
  • Q &A

If this Beginner’s Long Arm Quilting Class interests you, feel free to email me or call any time.

APQS Beginner's LongArm Quilting Class
APQS Beginner Long Arm Quilting Class

I am booking an entire week to accommodate everyone that is interested. In addition to the beginners class I can also teach some hands on classes. These may include

  • Choosing a Design for your quilt. Beginner, intermediate and advanced design choices for all the quilts you may encounter. You’ll learn to choose quilting designs appropriate for any quilt that may grace your frame.
  • McTavishing – Bring your quilts to life. Learn to create “McTavishing”, a background filler design on your long arm machine.
  • Fearless Feathers. Feathering basics designed to eliminate the fears commonly associated  with tackling this fabulous quilting style.
  • LongArm Quilting business
    Open your eyes to the possibilities of starting a long arm quilting business. When, where and how can you start? Tips to increase your business, pricing strategies, studio space, services, acquiring customers and advertising will be discussed.


3 thoughts on “APQS Beginner Long Arm Quilting Class”

  1. Hi Matt, hope you have gotten alot of people lined up for the classes. I was just wondering if you could put the price for the other classes up for us.
    Thanks See you in Feb.

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