Bradie’s Country Corral Quilt top body nearly finished

Here’s a sneak peak at the conversation that took place around Bradie’s new Quilting Pattern ‘Country Corral’ yesterday on FaceBook. I’ve got so many amazing quilting friends I though I would share all their comments on my Quilting Blog…

A Quilty Kind of Girl Designs 'Country Corral'

Matt Sparrow was kidnapped and tied down in front of my Pfaff to help with Country Corral. 25/36 blocks done and I’m going to bed…

Yesterday at 12:41am

Bradie Sparrow

Bradie Sparrow

Thanks for your help Matty!!
Yesterday at 12:49am
Jackie Dundon


With all my happenings this week (funerals), I haven’t had much time to sew at all, which makes me grumpy! LOL
Yesterday at 5:41am
Anita Tockey


what’s gonna work-teamwork
Yesterday at 7:20am
Lesley Gosselin


Geez, wish someone would do that to me so i could actaully get some sew time! Lucky boy!
Yesterday at 3:47pm

Matt Sparrow is up early, tip toeing into Bradie’s studio to finish the last 10 blocks of Country Corral while she sleeps in. w o o h o o! (shhhhhh)

Yesterday at 7:29am

Anita Tockey


you are a great hubby-absolutely GREAT
Yesterday at 7:35am
Denise Collier Reed


That is very sweet, Matt!
Yesterday at 7:40am


what a nice surprise that will be!
Yesterday at 7:45am
Teri Donovan Springer


I (inadvertantly) slept in today. No one did my dishes or cleaned my studio or did ANY sewing for me. Oh, wait. I live with a 5 year old dog and an 18 year old son. Never mind….
Yesterday at 8:42am
Debi Rodriguez


You are so sweet to Bradie! I spent last night was squaring up the stars. Today it’s cutting and piecing the neutrals. This is going to be one huge quilt, probably the largest I’ve ever made. I’m lovin’ it!
Yesterday at 9:09am

Bradie Sparrow

Bradie Sparrow

Whoo hoo Matty! I LOVE you!!!! You are THE best. ♥

Yay Debi! I can’t wait to see the different versions of this quilt.

Matt Sparrow is done the first stage of piecing these last ten blocks… now to press them open and join the rows… I switched to 50W Aurifil for the piecing and no longer need to use a scant 1/4 inch cause this thread dissapears into the seam so beautifully!

Beth Blevins


I love aurifill it’s the only thing I use now.
Yesterday at 9:16am
Bradie Sparrow

Bradie Sparrow

It really is beautiful thread… what did we ever do before aurifil?
I am too lucky. Now he’s off to get coffee and breakfast because I am NOT driving today!! 🙂
Yesterday at 9:16am
Bob Sales

Bob Sales

(Marj) I have used mettler 60 silk finish embroidery thread and like that a lot. Very little lint, and very fine. I am going to try Wonderfils Konfetti.
Yesterday at 9:43am
Joe VanVeldhuizen


I love Aurrifil. It works great in my treadle and my featherweight.
Yesterday at 3:24pm

Matt Sparrow

It’s amazing how precise I can piece when Bradie is standing over my shoulder poking me with fork pins :o)

Country Corral
Here it is in “real life’

Joe VanVeldhuizen


Looks amazing. I can’t wait to try the pattern in civil wars.
Yesterday at 4:32pm
Joe Moore


Yesterday at 4:35pm
Lynn Taylor


looks great!
Yesterday at 5:20pm
Jacqui Van Meppelen-Scheppink


Looks good Matt and Bradie! Really like the colours. Matt, you need to make a design wall for your wife!! Sure beats laying all those blocks on the floor :-).
Yesterday at 5:41pm
Peg Mathes Yates


I like how it is scrappy, but the diagonal rows give it order.
Yesterday at 5:56pm

Bonnie Bus

Bonnie Bus

Scrappy is the best. Have considered this pattern and now I see a quilt done in it, I will have to add it to the queue. I love the movement created by the design.

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