Unbelievable Long Arm prices? Here’s the proof!

If you’ve been following my dramatic little life lately, I’m sure you know that I just became the proud new owner of an APQS Millennium. If you knew that then you probably had no problem figuring out I also became an APQS Rep. I’ve been shouting it out at the top of my lungs for the past few days, so I’m sure you already know.

After only 2 days working the new gig, my e-mail is literally overflowing with messages from quilters all over North America.

Thank you everyone who wrote to say congrats. To answer your question, NO! I can’t get you any special deals other then the great prices being offered by APQS at the Houston Market and Show. Kudos for asking… it never hurts to ask right?

Thank you to all the other APQS reps that have contacted me to welcome me to the family. It really means a lot and confirms the suspicion I’ve always had about the company since meeting most of you at MQX in April.

What really surprised me however was all the emails I got from other APQS owners telling me how much they love their machines and reassuring me that I was promoting the highest quality product in the long arm industry. Not that I didn’t already know this. LOL! I really enjoyed reading about how much you guys love your Millenniums, Freedoms and Lennis.

International Quilt Festival Sale
International Quilt Festival Sale

Many of you mentioned how much you enjoy watching me in my Studio on my live webcam. I had a really great time setting my Millennium up and am glad you all joined me to watch the excitement unfold.

I think this is a really great time to mention to anyone looking for a rep to buy a machine from that ifyou didn’t already know, I run a Live Quilting Camera and Chat Room in my studio where you can come and chat with me and my quilting friends.

It’s really just like visiting a show room to see a new machine. Feel free to ask me about machine specs,  set-up,  prices or anything quilting related. As your rep, I will be available from 9am to 9pm to help you with anything you need. Heck, even if you live in another part of the country and want to buy from a local rep, I have no problem answering your questions and showing you all the great new features on my APQS Long Arm. I can’t wait to meet you. Sit your DH down beside you and click through to my LIVE QUILTING CAM and chat away. Let’s see if we can’t convince him to make your dream a reality.

Millenniums with Quilt Glide – $15,400 – $3,250 In Savings
Freedom SR’s – $14,800 – $2,000 In Savings
Lenni – $8,800 – $1,100 In Savings
George – $7,000 – $900 In Savings

Deals on Long Arm Machines
Deals on Long Arm Machines

A $500 fully-refundable deposit is required to secure the machine. All customers must take possession of the machine within 30 days or order will be canceled and deposit refunded. Machines are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. ** All show machines include a eight-year warranty and a new table. Customers can select a 10, 12, or 14-foot table; Lenni is sold with a 10 or 12 foot table. For more information on this offer contact me at 780-633-4242 or contact your local APQS Representative.


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