APQS Long Arm Quilting Machines

As the title suggests, I’m sure you have figured out the topic of today’s post. I’ so excited to announce to the world that I am the newest APQS Rep. This means that now you can buy your next machine through me. This also means that you can visit my studio anytime you like and put your hands all over my big Long Arm. I mean it!

You can test drive the Millennium Falcon with an appointment. Just call me at 780-633-4242 to find out more info about all the great machines that American Professional Quilting Systems sells.

As if that isn’t already a bomb shell of excitement for you all to digest, chew on this one! APQS has just announced their Houston Fall Quilt Market Special Pricing. I haven’t seen prices like this in the two years I’ve been researching Long-Arms.

APQS Millennium Sales
APQS Millennium Sales

The timing couldn’t be more perfect to own your very own Long Arm Quilting Machine. Give me a call anytime to discuss your needs. 🙂


One thought on “APQS Long Arm Quilting Machines”

  1. Hey, poked around your blog and see you had an HQ16 and were quite talented using it! Question for you, would you recommend that route for someone like me who has never used a quilting machine, wants to get into it, doesn’t know how good they will be, and doesn’t even know if they will (want) to quilt for customers? Starting out with a APQS seems a bit much for me or am I looking at this in the wrong way? Any guidance, suggestions , words of wisdom will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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