One of my favorite clients… Moda Lissa

The quilting world really is a small community consisting of millions of quilters. It always amazes me how wonderful the quilting community is. Quilters are always willing to share their experience and time with other quilters. Even employees of some of the largest companies in the quilting industry are quilters themselves. Throughout the last year that I’ve been marketing myself online, I’ve met some amazing people who work for some of these industry leaders.

One of these people is Lissa Alexander, Director of Marketing for United Notions and fabulous quilter. You may already know her from her blog at I first met my friend Lissa Alexander on Facebook. We quickly became friends and lucky for me, Lissa became one of my clients a short time after.

I have to say, the best part of our relationship is getting my hands on gorgeous samples before they hit the stores. The first top she sent me was made from the ‘Neptune’ Line. I covered it with a baptist fan design in a 12W Aurifil thread. I think that is part of what made me stand out as a Long Arm Quilter. The fact that I was willing to work with thicker threads to achieve a very unique look on a quilt.

Neptune Line
Neptune Line

The next quilt I received was waiting for me when I returned from MQX. I still remember sitting in Karen McTavish’s Victorian Feather’s Class when I received an email from my wife containing a picture of this quilt using Moda’s ‘Patisserie’ Line. I knew immediately I would return home to try my hand at Victorian Feathers. I loved how it turned out and was delighted to find a secondary pattern had emerged from the quilting.

Moda's Patisserie
Moda's Patisserie

The next quilt Lissa sent me dropped my jaw to the floor. It was this Wool Applique Block of the month that Moda called ‘Green Piece’. It was to be introduced to quilt shop owners at Spring Quilt Market in Pittsburgh. It was also the first ‘RUSH’ job I even did. I have to admit, the pressure was something I was not familiar with. My first deadline, man was I excited. While I’m happy to say I finished it on time and rushed it over to UPS to ship back to Lissa in Houston. We were so close to Market that the binding was stitched en route to Pittsburgh. I’m glad I didn’t have to do it.

Moda's Green Piece BOM
Moda's Green Piece BOM

The next Quilt Lissa sent was Red Ocean Waves that will appear in McCall’s Magazine in the fall. I fell in love with this quilt shortly after pinning it to the frame.

Moda Lissa's Ocean Waves
Moda Lissa's Ocean Waves


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