Your favorite quilting book

Matt Sparrow after many requests and with your help, wants to write a review of your favorite quilting book that you own. Tell us why you would recommend it to other quilters! I’ll post your answers to my blog next week!

Matt Sparrow
Matt Sparrow at 12:53pm June 28
Let me start the ball rolling… My favorite quilting book is Sue Patten’s ‘Quilting Possibilities… Freehand Filler Patterns’. I constantly refer to this book for quilting ideas. She addresses all sorts of blocks and shows illustrated design options for each. I love love love this book!
Pamela Joy Spencer Dransfeldt
I think one of the best reference guides I own is
The Quilters Ultimate Visual Guide.. Ellen Pahl Editor

it has a little bit of everything in it…. that’s reference… hmm.. quilt books…. I love so many…Read More

My two newest that I love are Whimsyland, BeCre8ive with Lizzie B by Liz and Beth Hawkins

and Quilts Unfinished Stories with New Endings by
Gyleen X. Fitzgerald… are both great!!

Babette van Hattem
Babette van Hattem at 1:01pm June 28
Also one of my favorites, just like herself, I made several patterns of her, you can see in my quilt album. Further, Harriet Hargrave Machine Quilting everything in it from a to z, the books of Diane Gaudynski to combine and learn more very funny to read. I’m waiting for the books of Karen Mc Tavish. I also think that Pat Sloans book on Machine Quilting gives starting machine quilters so good idea’s to start practicing.
How’s your wholecloth Matt.
Pamela Joy Spencer Dransfeldt
now if your going to talk machine quilting designs for inspiration too… I could go on and on… love Karens, nichole webb.. Just Leaf It by Kim Stotsenberg.. is excellent for leafy feather designs that are perfect in those quilts with florals and leaves…
Jackie Dundon
Jackie Dundon at 1:15pm June 28
I would have to say, for paper piecing, my favorite book is called Show Me How to Paper Piece by Carol Doak. It goes through the pp process step by step and has illustrations. The book includes paper foundations to make a small heart quilt. I have used this book and have recommended it over and over again when I used to teach paper piecing. To me, it is one of the best books for a beginner to learn how to paper piece.
Tammy Murphy
Tammy Murphy at 2:17pm June 28
I have to say the best book I have bought on quilting (not piecing) so far is Harriet Hargraves book.
I learned SOOOO much from that book about quilting.
Tammy Murphy
Tammy Murphy at 2:18pm June 28
sorry, I guess I should tell you what book it was 🙂 LOL
“Heirloom machine quilting”.
Wendy Culbreath
Wendy Culbreath at 3:14pm June 28
I also like Harriet Hargrave and Diane Gaudynski!!! great books, great authors!!
Mary Cowan
Mary Cowan at 4:08pm June 28
Here are 2 that I just love: First, Simply Stars Quilts That Sparkle – by Alex Anderson. Wonderful instructions on how to make a bunch of cool stars (from easy to hard ones), nice quilt patterns, and a beautiful quilt gallery too. Second, Around the Block with Judy Hopkins – 200 rotary cut blocks in 6 different sizes – Need I say more!!
My firstRead More quilt book I every got was Quilts, Quilts, Quilts, by Diana McClun and Laura Nownes. I read every page multiple times, it has some nice, easy quilt pattern and very good directions.
Lorraine Williams
Lorraine Williams at 5:15pm June 28
Without a doubt it would be Judy Martin’s Ultimate Rotary Cutting Reference (’97). It is by far the most dog earred and often referred to book in my entire collection. When designing, or resizing any pattern, the book gives me a huge range of finished & cutting sizes on everything from simple HST units to difficult patterns like kites and Read Moretrapizoids, showing multiple measurement points for each. It also has information on how many of the units I can cut from a 1/2 yd and full selvage strips. Mine is well worn and you will never pry it from my hands!!
Gretchen Ingram
Gretchen Ingram at 5:43pm June 28
My favorite is the Quilter’s Apprentice because it makes me want to sit down and quilt for hours!
Mary Cowan
Mary Cowan at 7:13pm June 28
I also love the childrens book “The Quiltmakers Gift”

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