Pat Sloan’s OP Challenge

A few weeks ago I became friends with Pat Sloan on FaceBook and have had a blast getting to know her.

This past weekend Pat Sloan had me rummaging through my fabric stash looking for orange scraps that I could use in her virtual retreat. She called it the Orange Pile Challenge and I’m happy to say that I have over extended the retreat right in to this week.

Here are the fabrics I chose to include in the blocks for the challenge.

After completing 10 blocks with the pattern Pat so graciously supplied,

I decided that they were not an accurate representation of the size of my orange stash. So I dug out 8 yards of my two favorite orange balis and cut giant 20″ blocks of one and 12″ sashing strips of the other. I used the OP blocks as corner stones and will add a small 2″ border of mixed fabrics from the blocks( the strips are already chained pieced and hanging from that chair), then a 10″ border of sashing fabric..

As I type this post, my wife is out trying to find more of the sashing fabric for the borders. Hopefully she will find 2M of it and I can finish putting this quilt together tonight. I’ve got an awesome quilting design in mind and am getting a bit antsy to get this top on the frame.

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