Sandy Arndt’s Silent Auction Quilt for Daniel

Here’s a look at the quilt I am almost finished!

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Silent Auction and Benefit for Daniel

On Christmas night 2008,
Daniel was flown by air ambulance to the Stollery Children’s Hospital
in Edmonton. Just 14 years old, Daniel was diagnosed with Acute
Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). The current treatment protocol for
children with ALL involves chemotherapy and several different drugs or
combinations of drugs delivered over three years. It also involves
ongoing testing and evaluation at the Stollery.

Daniel is the
oldest of three children. His parents are currently going through a
divorce and his mother is the primary custodial parent. She is a
freelance writer.

The family is enduring the enormous stress of
coming to terms with a childhood cancer. The emotional and logistical
burden is heavy, and is compounded by huge financial stress. Because
they have to travel to and from the city and take up residence in
Edmonton during this initial course of treatment, their out-of-pocket
expenses are very high.

Friends and family in the hometown of
Beaverlodge are coming together, preparing a Benefit Dance and Silent
Auction in Daniel’s honour. It is our hope that by easing the financial
stress, we can give this family one less thing to worry about. We hope
it will allow them to focus more clearly on the most important factor
of all – Daniel’s wellness.

This beautiful quilt will be donated
to the Silent Auction by Matt and Bradie Sparrow. Their creative genius
and hours of hard work are very much appreciated by Daniel and his

The Benefit and Silent Auction will take place in
Beaverlodge on Saturday, March 13. For more information or to make a
donation, please call Sandy Arndt at 780-429-5214.

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